Diocese closing grades 7-12 at Rome Catholic School

Rome Catholic School will close grades 7-12 after this school year.

The Syracuse Diocese announced its decision to close grades 7-12 at Rome Catholic after this school year Wednesday night.

The elementary school will remain open.

Even on this beautiful sunny day, Senior Rene Rodriguez says a dark cloud hangs over the school.

"There were a couple people who were crying. There were some people who were mad about it and some stayed quiet because they don't want to say anything about it," says Rodriguez.

The Diocese has been discussing the closure for two years due to declining enrollment. There are 68 students in the high school and only eleven in this year's graduating class.

Diocese spokesperson, Danielle Cummings, hopes the students will continue their catholic education at Notre Dame in Utica. The Diocese is offering transportation and a $1,000 transfer scholarship to ease the burden for parents and students.

"Utica Notre Dame has the room, they will welcome and embrace the students. They also know this is a very difficult time for the Rome students and their hearts are with those students and families right now," says Cummings.

Even though Rodriguez is graduating this year, she feels for her younger friends.

"I'm kind of sad that it's closing even though I wasn't going to be there next year. I'm sad that it's closing for everybody else," says Rodriguez.

It's a huge adjustment for families in the Mohawk Valley as a school with 50 years of history prepares to shut its doors.

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