Dirt racing speeds back to Weedsport


ith all the dirt and all the driving, this race at the Weedsport Speedway is a great day for three generations of the Kephart family.

Kyle Kephart is a retired NASCAR referee of nearly 40 years and his son Chris still works as a referee on asphalt tracks throughout the country.


ou can just feel it as you go through the stands

," says Kyle Kephart. "It's just like driving a normal car, except you're going around in a circle instead of going straight," says Chris Kephart.

While growing up in Sodus this family comes here a lot, but these family races stopped four years ago after financial struggles with the previous owners shut down the speedway.

After traveling to tracks around the country, this family knows how lucky Weedsport is to have new owners and more races once again.


nce they're gone, they're gone because they turn them into high rises or condos

," says Kyle Kephart.

Brand new metal bleachers and an improves track are some of the new features. For Zella Callahan, she's just happy she can come in and use the brand new handicapped seating.

"It's much nicer because you don't have people running into my walker and actually I get more of the dirt on me. The walker used to take the dirt and now I get it all, says Callahan.

The speedway

plans to have another race here later in the year on October 8th and six races next year as a way to continue dirt racing here in Weedsport.

Jimmy Phelps is the General Manager of the Weedsport Speedway. "T

he goal is to make this a place where if someone has to mark a thing to do on their schedule -- that this is one of them

," says Phelps.


very chance I get, every chance he gets we're gonna come here because it's so fan friendly. We just have a good ol



," says Chris Kephart.