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      Disabled manâ??s claim of police brutality now an issue in democratic primary for Syracuse mayor

      A disabled manâ??s claim of police brutality for refusing to sit down on a Centro bus has emerged as a significant issue in the upcoming democratic primary for Syracuse mayor.

      Speaking at a news conference on equal rights, Syracuse City Councilor and candidate for mayor, Pat Hogan told reporters, "I am appalled at what I saw."

      Hogan was referring to surveillance video of a May 3rd incident in which Brad Hulett, a severely disabled passenger, was tased and dragged off a Centro bus by two Syracuse police officers, allegedly breaking his hip in the process. Hulett was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

      The incident has sparked outrage among disabled and civil right advocates, as well as a lawsuit against the City.

      "If I was mayor, the police chief and officers would be in my office the next day," says Hogan.

      He accused the mayor and the police chief of being silent on the issue.

      Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Minerâ??s campaign manager Kyle Madden said the "ongoing investigation and pending lawsuit precludes her (Miner) from speaking on the issue."

      Last week, Miner spoke exclusively with CNY Central Jim Kenyon. "When incidents like this happen, that triggers a review from our police department. We are looking at that. Weâ??re talking to Centro too about the rules and regulations that govern when they call the police, and what their expectations are," said Miner.

      Alfonso Davis, the third candidate in the September 10 primary, told CNY Centralâ??s Jim Kenyon that he found the incident "disturbing on many fronts."

      He says it "spoke to insensitivity (by police) that certain communities have experienced for a long time." Davis is calling for a "thorough investigation of every officer involved."

      Davis pointed out that he served on the task force that led to the creation of the Citizens Review Board, which handles complaints of misconduct by Syracuse police officers.