Disciplinary hearing to be held following fights in Liverpool High School cafeteria

The Liverpool Schools superintendent will hold a disciplinary hearing following several fights that broke out in the cafeteria at Liverpool High School.

Superintendent Dr. Richard Johns tells CNY Central there were four fights in four days this week in the cafeteria at lunch. He has viewed security tapes, but would not say if any students were hurt. Johns did say the fights were physical confrontations and in some instances, "pretty violent." He called it a new phenomenon, where a small group of students is fighting for the entertainment aspect of it, as others look on and even videotape the fighting.

Dr. Johns says the school added a security staff member to the lunch shift after a rash of fights last year, but he says that was not enough. He says the school is taking a four pronged approach to stop the fighting. In the short term, they will meet with the students as a whole and tell them "enough is enough." They will also amp up the consequences for fighting and add another security person. They also plan on subdividing the cafeteria, because Dr. Johns believes there are too many kids in the cafeteria. He says the district has tried to deal with the situation and has even considered adding a lunch shift.

It is unclear how many students were involved in the fights or how many will be disciplined.