Doctor testifies about Erin Maxwell's autopsy

Former Medical Examiner Mary Jumbelic testified Thursday about how she concluded Erin Maxwell was strangled on August 29th, 2008. Jumbelic may be the last prosecution witness in the murder trial of Alan Jones.

Jumbelic used autopsy photos to show how the ligiture marks circumvented Erin's neck and were not consistent with a hanging. Jones contends his stepsister accidentally hanger herself while playing with a rope that got snagged on a screw protruding from a window frame.

Jumbelic also pointed to a number of bruises on Erin's lower lip, arm, leg and back that she says was not caused by emergency medical personnel trying to save the girl's life. She claimed the bruise to her lower lip was the result of "blunt force."

Defense attorney Sal Lanza tried to pick apart the autopsy, but Jumbelic stuck by her findings.

Before the trial recessed, Jumbelic and Lanza became testy with each other. Lanza accused Dr. Jumbelic of being "sarcastic." Judge Walter Hafner also said she was sarcastic. After Jumbelic apologized, Lanza yelled "I'm the one who asks the questions."

The former medical examiner, who came out of retirement to testify, resumes her testimony Friday.