Doctors hunt for preventative cancer vaccine

We hope to one day find a cure for cancer. But what if we could make sure it never happened to begin with? Researchers are developing a vaccine that could prevent childhood cancers.

Doctor Cameron Tebbi is the Chief of Pediatric Hematology at the University of South Florida and treats children with cancer and blood disorders.

"We are years away from prevention but very promising steps are being taken in the lab - my lab," says Dr. Tebbi.

Dr. Tebbi is also on the forefront of research into cancers affecting children and says while fighting for a cure, he is making great strides in prevention.

"We are working on a protein the lab that has the potential of identifying those who have a tendency to come with Leukemia, and hopefully one day there will be a prevention," says Dr. Tebbi.

13-year-old Conner Hernandez is one of Dr. Tebbi's patients. Conner was taken off chemo back in December 2010 and given only months to live. With no cure for advanced Leukemia in sight, treatment options are over for Conner because the Chemo is too harsh on his organs.

Now his mother can only hope that other children can benefit from Dr. Tebbi's research.

"Thank goodness because of the research are doing - there are still children passing," says Tracey Hernandez.

(Information courtesy NBC News)