Doctors say flu season in Central New York may be just getting started

The Onondaga County Health Department says the two middle aged people who died from the H1N1 flu had underlying medical conditions. On Thursday, doctors said the deaths were a frightening reminder of how serious the flu can be and why people with medical conditions need to let their doctor know if they are feeling any flu-like symptoms

"Certainly cardiac disease, lung disease, neurologic disease, kidney disease, liver disease and now we're seeing that people who are overweight, particularly obese or morbidly obese seem to be at higher risk for this type of flu,"said Dr. K. Bruce Simmons from Upstate Medical University.

At this point in the flu season last year at this time Onondaga County had 2512 confirmed flu cases. There have only been 201 cases so far this season but while the flu was fading this time last year, doctors say the number of cases is just starting to rise this year.

"We can see it increasing in number and now we're into the point where people are going to be more sick and in greater number," said Dr. Simmons.

A flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and they are still widely available at many doctor's offices and pharmacies.