Does Facebook's Messenger app violate your privacy?

Is Facebook going too far with the permissions required to run the Messenger App on Android devices?

A Huffington Post article in December called out the social media giant for basically designing their Messenger App to take over your phone without your permission or knowledge.

The heavy wording in the terms of use section set many people off, and led users to reconsider their decision to allow the app on their phone.

The Wall Street Journal has clarified the confusion, a bit. In a recent article, the WSJ says Facebook was restricted in the language they could use when writing the terms of use for the Android platform. This led to phrasing that sounded downright intrusive to many.

Facebook was not helped by its decision to force Facebook mobile users to download the Messenger app. Some of you may have already received the message telling you that, in order to continue use of Messenger, you have to download the app. This, coupled with the aggressive app permissions, sent many users into frenzy.

Facebook is saying that the concern over the permissions is overblown, and based on misinformation from bloggers.

Google, the owner of the Android platform, has since changed the language that app developers have available to describe the terms of use, but the wording still appears aggressive. Look at the attached permissions of the Android Messenger app (pictured).

Do you think Facebook is asking for too much access to your phone in order to use Messenger? Will this make you think twice before using Facebook Messenger in the future?

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