Does no grandstand act impact attendance?

Grandstand concert

Right next to all of the lively action at the fair sits a dark and vacant grandstand.

Lynn Richer came to the fair from North Syracuse. "Well I've got to be honest, we were looking to see what was at the grandstand or what was at Chevy Court before we came here today," says Richer.

The fair has 10 out of the 12 days to fill up the grandstand with a musical at, but officials at the fair say it can be challenging to find up to 10 big name artists all close enough to Syracuse during the end of August.

This is the first day where there is no one bringing as many as 17 thousand people into the grandstand, but acting fair director Troy Waffner says there is still more than enough to do on its best day yet.

"You know our parking lots aren't full but they're nearing capacity. I think what you have to remember is that there's a lot to do even without a grandstand concert. The grandstand gives us probably the sexiest thing we do as far as the acts we put out there, but it's one of the smallest things we do in terms of everybody enjoying the fair," says Waffner.

Many people come to the fair to see something special or unique and with perfect weather many fairgoers like Jim Mosher and Rebecca Turner say it still has a lot to offer.

"Lots of people here. Everyone's having a good time. A lot of money flowing through Syracuse today and we didn't need to grandstand. I'm not saying to get rid of the grandstand entirely though," says Mosher.

"Oh there's so much to see and do, with the chocolate milk and the hot beef sundaes and the free court and the petting zoo. There's a million things to do," says Turner.

The next and only other day where there will be no grandstand act will be this upcoming Friday.