Does pushing the crosswalk button get you across the street any faster?

Does pushing the crosswalk button get you across the street any faster?

Cars are passing, and all you want to do is cross the street. So you press the button and you wait.

"Most times we are in a hurry and trying to get somewhere and it seems like itâ??s taking forever,â?? Emily Pawlak says.

â??I try to press the button, and sometimes when I press the button, the light doesn't change and traffic just keeps coming. So sometimes if thereâ??s a break, Iâ??ll run across the street,â?? says pedestrian Carly Street.

And for those who are a little bit more patient, while you may only be waiting a few minutes, some say itâ??s frustrating.

"Sometimes I think the button isn't even working. I could press the button five different times or keep pressing it, and sometimes I don't think they work at all,â?? Street says.

Some of the biggest gripes from the people we spoke to said that when they press this button, itâ??s not doing its job. In reality some of them are.

There are approximately 119 pedestrian crossing signals in the City of Syracuse, and according to Tom Simone with the Department of Public Works they're working just fine.

"And, thatâ??s why, if there is a button at the intersection, push it, it will work,â?? Simone says.

Some of those signals are on a pre-timed basis. So for those, thereâ??s nothing to press.

As for the signals that have a button, Simone says once you press it, it will send a signal to a computer that will let you cross the street sooner than if you never pressed the button at all.

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