Dog found in deplorable conditions euthanized after attacking SPCA staff member

<font size="2">Coco, pit bull boxer mix</font>

The pit bull boxer mix found in deplorable conditions in a Syracuse apartment this fall was euthanized after she attacked a staff member at the SPCA.

SPCA Executive Director Paul Morgan tells CNYCentral Coco bit a staff member in the face about three or four weeks ago. The staff member needed stitches but is doing ok. The SPCA contacted the Health Department, which is standard procedure after an incident.

Investigators says the 5-year-old dog was getting more aggressive and determined it was in the best interest to put Coco down.

The dog was found in the attic of a Syracuse apartment back in October. The floor was saturated with feces and urine. The dog was about 20-30 pounds underweight with ribs sticking out through her skin.

The SPCA staff was nursing Coco back to health when she attacked the staff member. She was euthanized about two weeks ago.

The dog's owner, Melaine Freeman was charged with three animal cruelty misdemeanors, including improper confinement of an animal, failure to provide proper sustenance for an animal, and failure to provide medical care for an animal.