Dominick's market makes big donation to struggling Assumption food pantry

Dominicks donates food to the Assumption Food Pantry

True to his word
, Dominick Battaglia has come through for the struggling Assumption Food Pantry.

The owner of Dominick's Supermarket on Syracuse's lower north side showed up at the food pantry with two truckloads of food donations.

This is part of a community wide response to a CNYCentral story earlierthis month which showed how the pantry was in danger of going out of business. After seeing the story, Battaglia promised to raise money to buy food for the pantry. He figures he was able to raise $12,000 in food donations to the pantry which hands out up to 600 lunches per day to the needy on the city's north side.


I hope it goes a long way,
" Battaglia told reporters. "Most importantly I hope we can get other people to join forces. Hunger never ends, we really need to go forward with this."

Battaglia says he was able to buy all the food wholesale through his supermarket on Lodi Street in Syracuse. He says he raised the money from customers, friends, local businesses and his own family's personal cash donations. Battaglia figures the two truckloads of food will meet the Assumption food pantry's needs into February.

Auto Dealer Billy Fuccillo also saw our story and pledged to match up to $50 thousand dollars in donations from the community. CNY Central is partnering with Fuccillo in his effort.

To donate, visit the Church of Assumption's website or click here for more information about the Food Pantry.