Doug Malone wins after absentee ballots are counted in Oswego County

Doug Malone

Absentee ballots have changed the outcome of a hotly contested race in the Oswego County Legislature.

According to Oswego County Elections Commissioner Dick Atkins, democrat Doug Malone has won re-election by just three votes over his republican challenger Joe Susino. The initial results after last week's election showed that Susino had won by eight votes.

After counting 29 absentee ballots on Tuesday, Malone's vote total is 266 to Susino's 263.

On the day of the election, Malone complained that nine residents in his district had been mistakenly placed in a neighboring district. Elections officials say they quickly corrected the mistake and only 1 voter had cast an incorrect ballot. Atkins says they will now verify all the election results. He hopes to certify the election by Thanksgiving.

Contacted Wednesday by CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, Malone said he's still looking into the "fiasco" which led to mistake on election day.

When asked about the latest vote tally, Malone said, "The people have spoken. Every vote counts and every vote should be counted."