Downtown Syracuse continues to make a comeback

Thousands get a look at apartment throughout downtown Syracuse.


owntown Syracuse was alive and buzzing Saturday afternoon during the downtown living tour. The thousands out today for the tour got a glimpse inside eight complexes around Armory Square that showcase downtown urban living. This included the just unveiled pike block on West Fayette Street.

Joelle Kanter is from Providence and she is involved with the same type of event there. "It seems like there's so much excitement, so much momentum I haven't been to downtown Syracuse before so I have nothing to compare it to, but I can imagine how far it has come over the past few years, there are people here of all ages -- but everyone seems very supportive of what's happening here which is fantastic," says Kanter.

It's an area of Syracuse that's in demand, according to the downtown committee it's one of the fastest growing areas in Onondaga county. For some, the new apartment complexes area a welcome addition to the neighborhood, where finding housing has been challenging for some.

Beverly Haug was visiting the tour today. "

My husband actually looked downtown and the only thing that was available was right in Armory Square


so it's nice to see that you would have all kinds of choices now, because we wanted to live downtown


but not enough availability

," says Haug.

Lorry Stanton was also out looking around at apartments today."I've lived here all my life, so I've seen it at it's best and I've seen it at its worst and it's always nice to see it coming back," says Stanton.

Lisa Romeo work as the communication director with the Downtown Committee of Syracuse. "By people choosing to live in downtown Syracuse they're playing an active role in revitalizing the city center by making it that 24 hour neighborhood, that increases the vibrancy," says Romeo.