Dozens evacuated in Clay from high carbon monoxide levels, some hospitalized

26 people were evacuated from a large apartment complex in Clay after a carbon monoxide leak discovered Sunday morning, according to the Red Cross.

Moyers Corners Fire Department and National Grid were on the scene of the Breckenridge Apartments at 4320 Arlington Circle after responding around 10:00 a.m.

Those evacuated include 21 adults and five children. There are 14 units in the building with 13 of them with tenants.

The Red Cross confirms at least three people were hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning, but have since been released.

National Grid says a commercial size hot water heater that wasn't properly ventilated caused the carbon monoxide leak. They shut off the gas until the owner of the apartment makes the proper repairs.

Margaret Zimmerman was one of the tenants who was evacuated from her apartment. "I moved from out of town here in an apartment where I think I'm in a safe environment all the way around, and then this morning I knew I need to go because of the fact that I threw up last night, I had a headache a real bad headache, and they told me that was the symptoms," says Zimmerman.

Dejesanay Hicklin had a conversation with one of the members from this complex about detectors in the building. "One of the guys told us that the code enforcement came out and told him that it was only mandatory to be one carbon monoxide detector and only in the common areas, so it did not have to be in each apartment," says Hicklin.

Matt Hook lives in this complex and says how it's horrible to see this second carbon monoxide leak in the past three days. "I'm upset because the issue wasn't taken care of like it was supposed to first thing. The landlord hasn't even shown up. He's been called they've been trying to get a hold of him. The rental agent has been trying to contact him, can't get a hold of him, nothing. It's horrible because you have kids in the building," says Hook.

The Red Cross has established a shelter at the American Legion in Cicero. The organization says 22 of the 26 people evacuated will be staying at the shelter, which will be open for at least three days. Residents may not be able get back into their apartments for two days.