Dozens of people wait in line outside Best Buy to get the new PS4

People wait at the front of the line to get in to buy a PS4

Some people waited for more that 14 hours to get the new PlayStation 4 at Destiny USA, at the Best Buy on the second level.

Tommy Lincoln was one of the first in line to pick up a PlayStation 4. "I

t just brings you back to being a kid


it's just fun, we left work a little early today to come out and all morning long I couldn't wait, I was busting out at the seams, ya know?

" says Lincoln.

Corey Carrigan is the Lifestyles Supervisor with Best Buy. "P

eople can watch you game


so if you're a great gamer you can be recognized



ou can share all your progress to your friends so it's really a lot of fun

," says Carrigan.

With the new Xbox 1 coming out next week, some people are avoiding the lines and waiting a few weeks to decide which console's graphics and feel best suits their gaming needs.

Keewan Boyd was one of the early ones trying out the PS4 inside the store. "The PS4 is more about gaming and then the Xbox is more toward the entertainment value. I'm kind of in the middle of both, so I'm gonna hold out," says Boyd.

Best Buy says you can text gamer to 112233 if you cannot get a console when you show up. This will text you back with information when you have a Best Buy closest to you which has the console.