Dozens remember lives lost in Pan AM 103 bombings 25 years ago

Ceremony remembering Pan AM 103 bombings at Syracusae University.


he memory of Pan Am 103 still lives on in the minds of many.

Dona Carhart was one of the dozens who were out Saturday afternoon at Syracuse University. "

I was actually in high school


it was my senior year of high school and it was pretty tragic, because I was looking to go to college myself. Having Syracuse University be a school that I wanted to attend and did and I am an alumni, but it was tragic, it was sad, it was unexplainable," says Carhart.

Even in the rain many came to remember the events of December 21, 1988 that killed 35 students from Syracuse University, two students from SUNY Oswego and a married couple from Clay.

Each victim's name was read and 39 candles were lit in their memory.

People paused for a moment of silence at 2:03 this afternoon. The moment the bombing happened over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Fred Jordan remembers these bombings vividly. "

I felt numb actually and again it was strange because I didn't know anybody directly on the plane, but one of the things I was thinking of was



ad I gone to Syracuse, I would've know everyone of those students. I might've been in London, I might've even been on that plane myself

," says Jordan.

Pat Burak had one of the Syracuse University students in her class she was teaching. "M

y son's 29 right now and if anything had ever happened to him I would want people to remember him at the moment and the day, every day for eternity because it's something that we do as a community as a humanity


that we remember the students who died, the victims, all the victims, not just the students

," says Burak.

At the end of the ceremony, flowers were placed at Syracuse University's remembrance wall, a spot that pays tribute to the lives that were lost, but are never forgotten.