Dr. King Elementary School and WWE wrestlers fight bullying with video project

Brandon Roth and 2nd Graders at Dr. King Elementary School

Dr. King Elementary School is kicking off an anti-bullying campaign this month with a little help from the world of professional wrestling.

The school is working with the WWE's anti-bullying program called "Be a Star," which encourages students to treat one another with tolerance and respect.

Janet Staub, a teacher at Dr. King School says the message of the "Be a Star," program is a big hit with kids.

"It's really great because the kids already have a connection to the WWE superstars. They know who they are and it is a really good way to raise awareness about bullying in a way the students can relate to," she says.

Teachers say one of the reasons the "Be a Star" program has been such a success is that the anti bullying message is coming from superstars many of the kids already look up to.

Students and staff throughout the school have been creating videos and posters raising awareness about bullying and how to create a positive learning environment for everyone.

Dr. King Principal Sheadric Barbra says one of the benefits of the anti-bullying program is that it raises awareness about bullying with students at a young age and that can help stop them from bullying later on in life.

"I think it is really, really effective because you are creating that belief that will be sustained because it is being fostered," he says.

Eight-year-old Ja'liek Mosley, a second grader at Dr. King, says it is never okay to bully someone else. "Bullying is a bad thing and you wouldn't want someone to bully you so you shouldn't bully other people."