Dr. Neulanderâ??s children say they support him â??with unconditional loveâ??

Dr. Robert Neulander

The children of Dr. Robert Neulander say they, and their family, stand by and support him "undeniably and with unconditional love."

Dr. Neulander is being investigated in the death of his wife, Leslie Neulander, who was found dead in a shower in the familyâ??s home in the fall of 2012. The Medical Examiner ruled the death accidental; however, the DeWitt Police have had an active investigation into her death since her body was discovered. Last week, investigators searched Dr. Neulanderâ??s apartment.

The children of Dr. Neulander issued the following statement in support of their father:

"Following the recent media attention regarding the death of our mother Leslie Neulander, our family received much outreach and support from the community. We thank everyone for their continued support as we continue to grieve. We think it is important to note that the family stands strongly together. The four of us children: Jenna, Ari, Brian, and Emily support our Father undeniably and with unconditional love. Our extended family, including our motherâ??s brother and sister, stand behind us and our father. The tragedy of losing Mom has been all consuming will only be mended through peace and love as we continue to grieve our loss."

Dr. Neulander has not been arrested and has not been charged with a crime.

Dr. Robert Neulander is credited with delivering 10,000 babies during his career. He is the chairman of the 2013 Annual Campaign for the Jewish Federation of Central New York. The campaign is being conducted in memory of his wife.