Dr. Weeks Elementary reopens after renovations

After 18 long months students at Dr. Weeks Elementary School finally got a chance to see their newly renovated school.

Dare Dutter, principal of Dr. Weeks, says students are thrilled to be back at their "new" old school. "There were a lot of astonished stares and open mouths and they are all really happy to be back here," he said.

Dr. Weeks is one of the schools in the first phase of district-wide reconstruction projects. Others in phase one are the Institute of Technology high school, Fowler High School and H.W. Smith school. Students at Dr. Weeks had been relocated to Shea and Lincoln middle schools during the $29 million renovation.

Principal Dutter says Dr. Weeks was basically gutted and rebuilt. Major renovations include new walls, state of the art technology, including smart boards in every room and energy efficient windows. Dutter says the new windows which are designed to let in more natural sunlight are one of the highlights of the renovation. "There is a lot of physical aspects to learning. If you are in a place that is bright and a place that is airy and a place with access to sunlight, it is a lot more positive experience for the kids," he said.