Driver goes wrong way on 690 AND 81

A wrong way driver came from 690 at Thompson Road, through the 690-81 interchange and up 81 before stopping after 12 minutes of driving in the wrong direction.

For 12 minutes on Friday night, Syracuse Police tried to get the attention of a driver going the wrong way on 690, through the interchange and on 81. The also warned motorists of the oncoming wrong way driver--who pulled over to the side of the road on his own, amazingly without hitting anyone.

Syracuse Police say the 1994 Honda Civic was first spotted about 7:26, going th wrongway on the service road for 690 eastbound near Thompson road. He drove toward downtown in the eastbound lanes, managed to go through the 81 interchange backwards, and ended up going north on 81 in the southbound lane.

Motorists were calling 911 about the wrong way driver, and Police Officer Evan Hepburn parallelled him from the northbound lane, using emergency lights to warn motorists on the other side of the highway.

The wrong way car stopped--on its own, in the southbound passing lane--near the Syracuse-Salina city line, and Officer Hepburn jumped the concrete median. Hepburn reported the driver appeared disoriented and did not obey his order to get out of the car the first time, but he did the second time, and was taken into custody at 7:38pm. Traffic was then diverted to move the car away. No one was hurt and no vehicles were damaged.

20 year old Kyari Tyson, of 201 Rowland Street in Syracuse, spent the night at the Justice Center, and is being charged with Driving the Wrong Way, Unlicensed Operation, and Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs, with a court appearance Saturday morning.