Drivers and pedestrians express frustration with intersection at Almond and Harrison Streets

Cars lined up, waiting at the intersection of Almond and Harrison Streets.

In day 5 of our series on the worst intersections in Central New York, we visit one of the busiest intersections in Syracuse.

Just down the hill from some of the largest employers in the area is the intersection at Almond and Harrison Streets.

While some is visible, over half is hidden under the I-81 overpass.

Many drivers complain about a busy morning and evening commute due to Crouse and Upstate Hospitals, as well as SU.

Some pedestrians say they would like to see increased walk signal times, in order to allow them to cross the entire intersection at once, instead of stopping in the median.

Some drivers say they would like to see some changes done to the signage, in order to alleviate all the confusion presented by multiple lanes, ramps and bridges.

One suggestion is to put signs in advance of the intersection, telling drivers which lanes are left, center and right turn only. Some drivers say they see drivers confused as to which lane to be in, which makes merging difficult and dangerous. One of the best examples is the five lanes on Harrison Street coming down from the SU Hill.

Other drivers suggest staggering release times from work, or considering carpooling as an alternative.

Gene Cilento, with the State Department of Transportation, says that until the ongoing discussion over Interstate 81 is resolved, he does not plan to make any changes to the area, as the future of I-81 could significantly change this intersection.