Drivers beware: Police crackdowns set for every month

The next time you're driving, make sure you're not doing anything illegal. Local police agencies will be out each month, targeting a specific violation to keep the roads safe.

In March, they will specifically target people with illegally tinted windows. In April, they will crack down on people driving or texting while driving. In May, they will focus on people not wearing their seat belts or not properly restraining their child.

In June, police will focus on motorcycle safety and helmet use. In July, they will target speeders and focus on enforcing the new Move Over law, requiring you to move into the other lane when you see a police car on the side of the highway. In August, they will crack down on drivers rolling through stop signs and keep an eye on pedestrian and crosswalk safety.

In September, police will zero in on speeds in school zones and drivers passing school buses. In October, they will again focus on people talking or texting while driving. In November, they will target seat belt violators or those who don't properly buckle up their kids. In December, the focus will be on impaired driving.

Bottom line, police will be out looking for drivers violating any kind of traffic law. Make sure you buckle up, keep both hands on the wheel, don't talk or text while driving and don't speed.