Driver's blood being tested after Ithaca Commons disaster

One week after the deadly crash involving a rig hauling vehicles on the Ithaca Commons, police reveal the driver gave a blood sample and it is being tested. Police observations of the driver, Viacheslav Grychanyi, after the crash do not lead them to believe he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but the blood test is required under law.

Police now say the rig was operated by a company known as Quality Re-Locating Services out of Spokane, Washington. This company is formerly known as Auto Star Transport. Contradictory to published reports, the truck and trailer are fully insured, investigators now say. Police have learned the rig was in Tompkins County to pick-up another motor vehicle for transport.

The crash killed a well liked bartender at Simeon's Restaurant. Amanda Bush, 27, was the mother of a young child and pregnant at the time of her death.

Seven people were hospitalized after the crash, most of them with minor cuts and bruises. All seven are now out of the hospital.

Investigators have determined that at some point during the descent down the East State Street hill, Grychanyi lost the ability to adequately slow down the truck and trailer. The circumstances surrounding how and why this occurred are currently under investigation. One of the many components of the braking system on the truck and trailer was found to be in need of repair.

However, it is undetermined at this time if the condition of this component was a contributing factor in the collision.

Grychanyi was issued two traffic tickets, charging him with Overlength Tractor and Trailer and Defective Brake Limit Device. He is set to answer the charges in court next Wednesday, July 2 at 11:00 a.m.