Drivers warned to watch for buses and students as schools start

Now that schools are back in session, police are reminding drivers to slow down and obey speed limits when driving through a school zone.

Manlius Police Officer Ken Hatter says the department plans to have extra patrols around schools to make sure drivers are slowing down.

"You really need to pay attention when driving near a school. If a child is dropped off across the street, he or she may just run in front of a vehicle and not even know a vehicle is coming," Hatter says.

Firefighters with the Baldwinsville Fire Department are also reminding drivers to watch their speed near schools. They spent Wednesday morning watching over crosswalks near school zones.

Fire Chief K.C. Pickard says slowing down near a school zone or school bus that is stopping is something everyone can do to help keep kids safe.

"It is just a public safety announcement for everyone to slow down and look out for the kids that are walking, and the school buses that are stopping out there," he says.

Most Onondaga County school districts started class on Wednesday, with three others (East Syracuse-Minoa, Fayetteville-Manlius, Marcellus) starting Tuesday. The Liverpool and Syracuse school districts begin classes on Thursday.