Drone protesters sent to jail

Drone protestors from a demonstration at Hancock Airbase last October have been sent to jail for 15 days

The protesters who were outside Hancock Airbase in October demonstrating drone warfare are now in jail.

DeWitt Town Court Judge David Gideon found 12 of the 17 guilty of disorderly conduct, and gave them the maximum sentence, 15 days, along with $400 each in fines and fees. A two year order of protection is also now in place against them, for the base and the commander of Hancock's mission support group.

Trespassing charges were dismissed against the group, which is part of the Upstate NY Coalition to Ground Drones and End the Wars.

Five other protesters were not included in the group. One is to be sentenced later, two had pleaded guilty earlier, and two had their cases dismissed on technical grounds.

Of the group sentenced, Ed Kinane and Rae Kramer are from Syracuse; Clare Grady, Mary Ann Grady Flores and James Ricks are from Ithaca,and David Burgevin and Mark Scibilia-Carver are from Trumansburg.

The 15 day sentence was to start immediately.