Convicted drug dealer appeals to Manlius zoning board

A Fayetteville home is at the center of a drug trafficking incident.

Police said the man jumped through hoops to allegedly launder drug money.

Court documents said the home on Hoag Lane was owned by Saladin Hadid.

He was arrested in January and charged with trafficking three to five kilos of cocaine per month.

It was a three foot zoning variance that put Hadid in front of Manlius town leaders.

In March of last year, Hadid went in front of the Manlius zoning board as a family man wanting to expand his garage.

The zoning board asked Hadid if the addition would "result in an undesirable change" for the neighborhood.

Board members were unaware that Hadid is already an "undesirable" neighbor.

""I came over to introduce myself as a neighbor and he seemed to be rather dismissive, so I decided to not be so neighborly and leave," Paul Ross said.

The meeting minutes show one board member said, "The changes will blend into the community and is in favor of the project."

Another board member asked when the project would be finished.

Hadid replied, "By the end of summer."

Hedid did not know within a year he would be busted for drug trafficking.

The zoning board did approve the addition.

Hadid pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial.

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