Dry streak snapped, new important weather changes ahead


Syracuse's stretch of 6 days of zero rain has officially ended. After receiving no rain every day between July 28th and August 2nd, thunderstorms crossed the city of Syracuse and Hancock Airport just before sunset Thursday August 3rd. Therefore, the city did not get its 7th straight day of no rainfall.

The last time Syracuse has received 6 straight days of zero rainfall was September 1st through 6th of 2016. There was also another 6 day stretch of zero rain back between July 19 through July 24 of 2016.

When was the last time Syracuse had 7+ straight days of zero rain?
--September 20 through September 27, 2015 (8 straight days).

Looking ahead to today, most of Friday should be dry. It will also be a very warm to borderline hot. However, we have a slight risk for a severe thunderstorm at the very end of today and tonight. After today, temperatures will get noticeably cooler and humidity levels get more refreshing for the weekend. We are concerned about flooding along the Lake Ontario shoreline once again from Saturday morning through Sunday morning as strong west-southwesterly and westerly winds of 15-30 knots will create onshore waves over 4 feet. This will likely cause beach erosion and a risk for further lakeshore flooding. For even more information regarding the lakeshore flood warning that is in effect, click here.

Here are specifics in your forecast for today:

Morning temperatures:
Most of our area will have temperatures 65 and 70 through 8 AM. The coolest countryside will be between 60 and 65. Look for temperatures to rise into the lower 80s by 11 AM.

Morning sky condition & precipitation:
Expect a mixture of sunshine and clouds. An increasing southerly breeze will allow for warm temperatures everywhere today. Most spots should stay dry through this morning. However, over Lake Ontario, near the shoreline and across the far North Country, a passing shower or thunderstorm will be possible. You can track precipitation by clicking on Interactive Doppler Radar to zoom in anywhere and on Live Triple Doppler Radar to see where it is raining.

What should I wear outside?:
You and your kids can wear shorts and t-shirts. However, it is your decision on what you and your children should wear.

Any notable driving condition issues?:

Afternoon plans:
Expect a combination of sunshine and clouds alongside a gusty southerly breeze. It will be very warm and humid. High temperatures will range between 85 and 90 for most areas, including the Lake Ontario shoreline since a strong southerly breeze will prevent a lake breeze from developing. Maximum heat index will be between 90 and 95. The normal high for Syracuse today is 81. Wind: S 10-17 MPH with gusts to 30 MPH. To track any precipitation, click on Interactive Doppler Radar to zoom in anywhere and on Live Triple Doppler Radar to see where it is raining. Most spots should remain dry for most of the afternoon. However, a widely isolated thunderstorm is possible especially towards the very end of the afternoon and towards sunset.

Severe weather threat:
There is an increasing risk for thunderstorms late this afternoon and into tonight. Any thunderstorm that occurs late this afternoon through tonight will need to be monitored not only for vivid cloud to ground lightning strikes, torrential downpours and gusty winds, but also for the potential for damage. The Storms Prediction Center has placed our entire area in the "slight risk" for severe thunderstorms. There is a 15% for damaging wind within 25 miles of any location from severe thunderstorms across CNY. While very unlikely, there is a 2% risk for a tornado within 25 miles of any one spot in CNY. The CNYcentral Weather Authority will be monitoring all thunderstorms that do form. We will also pass along any severe weather watches and warnings. Remember, a WATCH does not mean severe weather is occurring. A WARNING is issued when severe weather is imminent. We will keep you posted on-air, online, and our CNYcentral mobile app.

For an hour-by-hour breakdown of today’s skies, temperatures, and any precipitation place-by-place, watch NBC-3 Today in CNY through 7 AM and the Today Show through 10:30 AM where I will be showing you the Futurecast to see what’s next. I will also share any other important weather information & alerts that may be coming up over the next 7 days. Plus follow us on Facebook and Twitter for even more constant updates.

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