Dylan Dreyer braves the snow storm for live hits at Syracuse University

Dylan Dreyer with Brandon Roth on the SU hill.

Many Central New Yorkers had a tough commute Wednesday night and Thursday morning, after that massive snow storm buried much of the state. NBCâ??s Dylan Dreyer was not exempt from the bad roads, as she had her own difficult travel experience.

Dreyer was on her way to Syracuse to cover the storm, when she hit some travel snags.

I started off in Chicago to cover the storm yesterday. All my flights to this area were cancelled so my only option was to fly into JFK and then I rented a car it took me about 6 1/2 hours through the heart of the storm to get here."

Dreyer, who was doing live weather reports for the TODAY show from the SU campus Thursday morning, is used to traveling in bad weather, just not quite this bad.

â??81 North was miserable with the heavy snow and the wind it just blows it across the road,â?? Dreyer said.

â??I had to go a steady 25-30 miles per hour just because you couldn't see where you were going half the time."

This is the third year Dreyer has crossed the country in search of storms. Not surprisingly, she says this winter has kept her really busy.

â??This winter somewhere across the country every single week somewhere across the country is getting hit with crazy storms."

So where will Dreyer go next? Well, spring break is right around the corner.

â??A lot of people have been tweeting me with @ Today Show in there too saying they should send you someplace warm so I'm hoping they jump on that eventually it would be fantastic to just thaw out for a couple of days."

Thawing out would be nice, but winter isnâ??t done with us yet and you can bet that wherever the next storm hits, Dylan Dreyer will be there.