Early bird shoppers rush to K-Mart for a headstart on Black Friday

Shoopers line up for early Thanksgiving Day deals.

Early bird shoppers rushing into K-Mart at 6am this Thanksgiving morning were hoping to cash in on some big discounts. Tracy Roberson was first in line, hoping to get a $39 tablet for her brother.

"I got here at four I'm only doing this for my brother. Cause I love him so much.â?? Roberson said.

K-Mart isnâ??t the only store opening its doors on Thanksgiving. Wal Mart, Target and Toys R Us all opened for business on Thanksgiving in 2012 and Sears and Macyâ??s joined them this year, Retail analysts say the pressure for stores to open early Is greater than ever, especially since many shoppers are staying home and shopping online instead.

So Black Friday is rapidly turning into what some stores are calling â??Gray Thursdayâ??, as stores try to get a jump on the competition.

Shoppers seem to have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving Day turning into â??Thanks-for-shopping Day.â??

"It's a little crazy. It was black Friday shopping for years and now itâ??s Thursday. It's not Black Friday anymore,â?? said shopper Dennis Sheggrud.

Colleen Chestnut loves to get a deal, regardless of the day. "A lot of kids are out of school they are still sleeping parents can go shopping while they are sleeping why not? A deal is a deal and we love deals we're customers."