East Syracuse-Minoa district wins $15,000 for distracted driving video

Chris Steinberger and Matt Pede

Students in the East Syracuse-Minoa district won a first place prize and $15,000 for their school for the distracted driving video they put together.

Chris Steinberger and Matt Pede wrote and

filmed a public service announcement

and entered it in a contest put on by the company NYCM Insurance. Bobby Ali played the main character in the video.

The students are part of the school's media communications class. They plan to use the money to improve the schoolâ??s student television station.

This was a statewide contest, and their video was selected over more than 150 others.

The students say they hope the message will teach students about the dangers of distracted driving.

"The first thing I did was give my teacher a high five, like the best high five ever. We were really excited. It's a huge deal for us," says Steinberger.

"It's crazy. When I found out we were in the top 3 and the top 10, it was ridiculous. I would never honestly have thought we would be in the top 10 or top 3. Now I'm excited that we're in the top 2," says Pede.