East Syracuse pays $30,000 for July storm cleanup


July 8 storm which ripped through the Village of East Syracuse is expected to cost taxpayers about $30,000.

The storm with winds topping 65 miles per hour, downed trees and power lines like dominoes. Officials figure it cost East Syracuse taxpayers $30,000 to hire private contractors to take down trees, pay overtime to village workers and about $16,000 to Last Chance Recycling just outside the village limits where all the debris ended up and is still coming in.

Last Chance Recycling owner, Ian Hunter told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, "It's going to be well over 300 truck loads before they get done." The pile of debris from East Syracuse towers 20 feet high and is 75 feet wide. Hunter says eventually it will be chopped up into mulch and compost.

Though the village has cleaned up the debris from the streets at taxpayer expense, it's up to individual property owners to clean up their own yards with money out of their own pockets. Gracie Taylor paid a private company $300.00 to remove the tree that hit her house, and will shell out an additional $200.00 to replace a broken window even though the elderly woman did a lot of the hard work pulling branches to the curb by herself. "I dragged them out by myself from the fence to that tree... sky high." Taylor said.


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was surprised when the federal or state didn't help with the cleanup.
I would think there would be a provision put away for that stuff. People wouldn't have to do it all on their own."