Easton Friedel graduates preschool

Easton Friedel graduates preschool

Friday marks a huge milestone for a little boy who managed to go from desperate for prayers, to winning hearts and thriving.

Easton Friedel, 4, graduates from the Fun Beginnings Two preschool. Easton was born with a rare, incurable skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB.

When Easton started preschool last fall, it was considered an experiment. No one know how he would do. His mother told the teacher at the school that all she wanted for him was to be treated like a typical child.

The school followed that guidance. In fact, Easton was once even put into “time out,” a very typical thing for preschool. “He was rolling around and at one point he was bumping into other kids, and he was warned,” said his teacher Casey Tomaszewski. “I warned him, and then he got a time out – and he was not happy with me, but truly he has been just great and he has learned so much,” Tomaszewski added.

Easton now knows all the capital letters, he can count to twenty, knows all the days of the week, all the colors – some of them in Spanish.

He has come so far from the first time we met him, when he was covered in blisters because his skin lacks a key protein that binds the layers together. The slightest touch could inflict a terrible wound. His skin is still extremely sensitive and does blister, but it is considerably better.

In the fall Easton will enter Weedsport public schools.

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