Eastwood grandma shows off her dancing moves to J-Lo's 'I Luh Ya Papi'

Esther DiFlorio

An Eastwood grandmother is getting national attention for her dancing moves.

Esther DiFlorio was recently caught on camera dancing to the new Jennifer Lopez song "I Luh Ya Papi."

"I don't try to say I act like I'm 89, but I act like I'm 16, maybe 17, I guess we could make it 18," says DiFlorio. She's a good singer and I think she has a wonderful personality and one day I'd like to meet her."

The 89-year-old was rocking out in her pajamas and even caught the attention of the superstar. J-Lo posted the video on some of her social media accounts and it has gone viral. Lopez tweeted out the video using the hashtag #evengrandmaisdancing. It has prompted plenty of likes and cute comments on J-Lo's Twitter and Instagram feeds.

"I use a walker, but when I hear her, I forget about my walker and I forget I get wobbly, but I was over here doing the jitterbug moving around. I was like oh, this is my life," says DiFlorio.

Those who know Esther say she is a "spunk filled class A lady." "You cannot be in a room with her for more than a minute without being on the floor laughing," a family friend told CNYCentral via email.

Esther's daughter Roseann DiFlorio still can't believe the moves her mother can do. "I never in a million years thought that it was gonna go this far. I just thought it was a joke," says DiFlorio.

Watch the video here.