'Eat to Live Food Co-op' provides healthy, affordable options to Southside neighborhood

'Eat to Live Food Co-op' now open on the Southside of Syracuse.

The 'Eat to Live Food Cooperative" is a community owned, not for profit grocery store which opened in the Southside of Syracuse Tuesday.

Southside resident, Louise Poindexter has always wanted to eat healthy, but hasn't always been able to.

"I ran out of onions. I went to two different stores and I couldn't find anything. So finally I said hey, I have to deal with what I got," says Poindexter.

Charles Pierce-El worked with The Southside Community Coalition to bring the co-op to his neighborhood.

"Cutting the prices down and making it affordable for our families in this type of neighborhood is very important, just as important as the obesity aspect. One is a health issue the other is an economic issue," says Pierce-El.

Keeping the obesity epidemic in mind, Jayme Doughty started feeding her kids fruits and veggies at a young age. The new food cooperative is now making it convenient to satisfy their growing appetites with fresh produce.

"Now we have the option instead of going to a corner store and paying $4 for an apple we can come here and get our moneys worth," says Doughty.

The food co-op is making healthy eating an option in an area often referred to as a food desert.

The Eat To Live Food Cooperative is located at 2323 South Salina Street. The hours of operation are Monday - Saturday 8am-8pm, Sunday 10am-6pm.

Eat To Live will be open to the public and welcomes everyone to shop. Membership participation and a onetime membership equity investment will include co-op benefits and ensure a vital part of the Eat To Live Food Cooperative's success.