Eating 'Mindfully' for healthier holidays

Eating healthier will get you through the holidays without a major weight gain, and start the New Year healthier, too. We have tips

Overeating, and eating unhealthy food is part of too many peoples' holidays, with more stress and weight gain the result. There are alternatives!

Kathy Garofalo, RN, who chairs the advisory board for the American Heart Association in Syracuse, says that small changes will get you through and get you started on a better New Year. Here are some suggestions:

~Control your food portions. Eat smaller amounts of food (use smaller plates to help)

~Only eat when you're hungry, not because the clock says it's time.

~Slow down, don't gulp your food!

~Pay attention to what you're eating, don't do it while you're distracted by the phone, social media or tv.

~Track what you eat, the awareness will make you focus on eating healthier. Keep a food diary (write down what you're eating and the mood you were in), which will also help you keep track on eating healthier.

American Heart's website has lots of specific tips, and a food diary to download, too