Eaton's washed out roads being fixed by State DOT

This washout on Gulch Road just west of Morrisville is one of 4 Eaton roads getting emergency repairs from the State DOT

Good news for the Town of Eaton, which had closed four roads because of serious damage from rain runoff since this past weekend, and said it had no money to make repairs.

The State DOT sent in an emergency assessment team, and contractors are on the job now, with hopes that most of the repairs to the roads just west of Morrisville will be done by the end of the week.

Gulch Road has the most serious damage, after debris plugged a culvert and blocked a small creek that normally flows under the roadway. Waters flowed over the road, taking out a shoulder and part of the roadway and leaving the guardrail hanging in mid-air, above a 40 foot drop to the washed out culvert below.

On Reservoir Road, Friday night's rainstorm transformed a small ditch at roadside into a wide gully, eating away a nearby home's lawn and exposing both gas and underground cables that were feet-deep.

Also set for repairs, Williams Corner Road, where they'll repair 3 side by side 4-foot diameter pipes and fix two small culverts, and Roberts Road, where a large culvert will be replaced.

In addition to concerns about the damages, Eaton Town Supervisor Priscilla Suits told us she was worried that barricades and road closures were not stopping sight-seers from putting themselves in danger by going to see the destruction.

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