EEE and West Nile found in Onondaga County, spraying next week

A virus responsible for the death of a four-year-old girl in Oswego County earlier this month has been causing quite a stir, and now has crossed the county line.

Wednesday afternoon Onondaga County Health Commissioner Dr. Cynthia Morrow announced that the state health laboratory has found evidence of both Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile virus in Onondaga County. Morrow says both EEE and WNV were found in mosquito pools near Cicero Swamp. The health department says the pools were collected on August 16 on Taft Road and Route 298. West Nile was also found separately on Island Road.

The health department says they have received reports of one probable and one suspected human case of West Nile in Onondaga County. Those are the only two human cases reported in the county so far this year.

According to the health department, the Cicero Swamp will be sprayed for mosquitoes in an effort to combat the spread of EEE and WNV. The spraying is planned for Monday, August 29 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. The spray area is defined as Route 31, to the north, Northern Boulevard to the west, Taft Road to the south, and Chittenango Creek to the east. Roads included in this area are all or parts of Route 298, Bull Street, Eastwood Road, Island Road, Cicero Center Road, Fergerson Road, Ferstler Road and Oxbow Road.

Click here to download and view a map of the aerial spraying area.

The pesticide that will be used for aerial spraying is called Kontrol. The spraying will take place as long as weather permits. Residents in the spray areas will be notified through the media, as well as the emergency notification system.

When the spraying occurs, health officials recommend that residents in the affected areas take the following precautions:

- Stay indoors and keep windows closed for one hour after your area has been sprayed- Keep pets indoors if possible- Cover outdoor gardens and rinse vegetables before eating- Set your window air conditioners to circulate indoor air. It is safe to use your central air conditioning- Remove children TMs toys that are outdoors, any outdoor furniture, and clothes from outdoor clotheslines- If toys or clothes have been left outdoors, wash each thoroughly with soap and water before using and launder clothes before wearing- If you are driving during the spraying, close your car windows and vents

For more information you can contact the Onondaga County Health Department at 435-1649.

In light of the recent events on Oswego County, do you think Onondaga County is doing the right thing and spraying the swamp? Leave a comment below and give us your opinion.