Elbridge fire chief suspended for violating alcohol policy

The fire chief in the village of Elbridge is returning to work after a 30 day suspension. Village documents obtained by CNYCentral revealed the chief broke a rule which says firefighters can't respond to an emergency call within eight hours of consuming alcohol.

According to village documents, the board suspended Chief William Champlin for thirty days after determining he committed misconduct during a special meeting on October 14. They ordered he return all Elbridge village property, including his keys and never set foot on the fire station during his suspension.

Champlin reportedly had one beer with his family and several hours later stopped at the firehouse to speak with firefighters

when an emergency call came in regarding a bicyclist who'd been struck by a car

and Champlin went out on the call.

As an Elbridge resident, Rosie Bryant, says the punishment seems extreme.

"I mean if it's only one beer and it's like five hours I don't see a problem with it," says Bryant.

Champlin's co-workers seem to agree that the punishment doesn't fit the crime. Five firefighters have reportedly resigned due to the way this matter was handled.