Elderly woman who was missing in Oneida found alive

Margaret Zavalidroga, 83, was reported missing Friday afternoon.


neida City Police say a woman who had been missing since late last week has been found alive and is now hospitalized.
Police say 83-year-old Margaret Zavalidroga, of Blossvale, was last seen at 10:30 Friday morning in Oneida, where she signed papers to purchase a car. Oneida Police say she was found off Route 365A, not far from the Lowes store earlier this evening. She is hospitalized in good condition. Police say her vital signs are good and she has spoken with investigators - although they are not revealing any information about where she spent the last three days.

New York State Police K-9 and bloodhound units extensively searched a wooded area near Zavalidroga's home over the weekend.

Her son, Thomas Zavalidroga, reported her missing Friday. He claims he went to a friend's house on Genesee Street in Oneida to get help picking up the vehicle. According to police, Thomas left his mother in his van for an hour and a half, and when he returned, she was gone. Thomas told Oneida Police that his mother did not have any medical conditions that would cause her to become confused and wander off.

Nobody in the area saw the woman leave the van, and police say her son has been reluctant in providing information about her disappearance. Oneida Police Chief David Meeker tells CNY Central that "Thomas Zavalidroga has been difficult to get ahold of, and less than 100% cooperative with police."

Monday, Forest Rangers are searching a wooded area off of Route 5 in Oneida.

Margaret Zavalidroga is Caucasian, 5-feet tall and 100 pounds with black salt and pepper hair and false teeth. She was last seen wearing a green sweater, purple pants, brown slip-on boots and gold rimmed glasses.