Electronic cigarette liquid could be a danger to children

It's a store that only carries electronic cigarettes and the liquid that goes with it, and Unique Cigs says their product is changing lives.

â??We've seen so many lives change for the positive. From switching from cigarettes to vaping. Getting rid of the smoke, the tar, and the ash and all of that,â?? says Dave Holmes, founder of Unique Cigs.

But health experts say could also be endangering them.

Last year, Upstate New York Poison Center received twenty calls with concerns about exposure to e-cig liquid. Just six months into this year, the number of calls has doubled, and nearly all of the victims are children.

â??For the most part, we're lucky we've had very few serious problems,â?? says Dr. Ross Sullivan. â??But problems due stem from nausea and vomiting all the way to sweating, shakiness, tremors and the most feared complications are seizures and convulsions.â??

With tempting flavors like cherry and vanilla, kids think they're eating candy.

Before e-cigarettes were on the market we worried about the effect of secondhand smoke on our kids,â?? says Senator Charles Schumer. â??Now we have a much greater worry.â??

Now Senator Schumer is calling on the FDA to require all e-cig manufactures to use child-safety caps and print clear warning labels.

At unique cigs in Liverpool, they're already implementing the policies that Senator Schumer is demanding. All of the liquid nicotine they sell has child safety caps and explicit warning labels.

â??I would treat these nicotine products almost like how parents treat their medicines,â?? says Dr. Sullivan. Keep them in high, hard to reach places, perhaps in medicine cabinets.â??

If passed, new laws would hold these companies accountable, but until then, it's up to parents to keep the sweet smelling liquids locked away from their kids.