Electronic components tested in probe of deadly Utica fire

Deadly fire, Schuyler Street, Utica / File photo

Utica police continue to investigate a fire that claimed the life of a mother and three of her young children.

It happened one week ago at a home on Schuyler Street.

Right now, investigators are reviewing evidence gathered from the charred home to determine what caused the deadly fire.

Fire investigators have submitted electronic components for testing by Forensic Electrical Engineers.

Shortly after the fire, a growing memorial and tribute started popping up near the scene of the tragedy.

31-year-old Leida Santiago and three of her kids, 4-year-old Julius Rolon, 2-year-old Matias Rolon, and 1-year-old Sebastian Rolon, were killed in the fire. They all died of smoke inhalation.

Santiago's 9-year-old daughter was at school when the fire broke out.