Emaciated dog found in Utica gains 8 pounds as she continues to recover

The boxer mix in Utica that was found extremely emaciated and with a shoelace tied around her neck last week is continuing to make a recovery.

Caretakers at the Steven Swan Humane Society posted a picture of Autumn the dog on their Facebook page Friday.

They say she has gained 8 pounds since arriving at the shelter early last week.

It's still not a healthy weight, but much better than she was at this time one week ago. When she arrived at Steven Swan, she weighed just 22 pounds. A dog of her age, 3-4 years old, should weigh about 60 pounds.

She also passed all the bones that were in her belly, which were probably from eating anything she could find.

So far, no arrests have been made in the case. Police do not know to whom the dog belongs.

Autumn was found in the 500 block of Whitesboro Street, which is about five blocks from where Apollo was left outside and found frozen to ice back in January of 2011.

Utica area Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi is co-sponsoring a bill that would remove animal cruelty offenses from the Agriculture and Markets Law and place them under the New York Penal Law. Such a move could make the crimes more serious and the punishment harsher.

Anyone who has information about the dog and her owner is asked to contact the Stevens Swan Humane Society at 738-4357 ext. 0.