Emaciated dog found in Utica gains weight as she recovers


The emaciated dog found last week in Utica continues to recover.

The Steven Swan Humane Society in Utica says Autumn, the Boxer mix, has gained two and a half pounds since she was found on the 500 block of Whitesboro Street last Thursday. The dog was found starving with a shoelace tied around her neck.

She also passed all the bones that were in her belly, which were probably from eating anything she could find. Autumn is believed to be about 3 or 4-years-old She weighed just 26 pounds when she was found when she should weigh 60 pounds.

In pictures posted on the organization's Facebook page, Autumn is seen wearing a sweater that was a donated gift.

Investigators continue to search for the dog's owner. A group called Lainey's Army is offering a reward leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for her neglect. Northeastern Roofing and Asbestos, a company out of Utica, is also offering a reward.