Emaciated dog found with shoelace around its neck is â??doing wellâ??

An emaciated dog who police found in the 500 block of Whitesboro Street in Utica with a shoelace tied around her neck is "doing well," according to Nicole Broccoli of the Stevens Swan Humane Society.

Broccoli says the shoelace was removed from Autumnâ??s neck immediately after she was rescued. The dogâ??s ribs are showing and skin is hanging off of her, but Broccoli says the shoelace was not obstructing the dogâ??s ability to swallow.

Broccoli says x-rays of Autumnâ??s GI track "is full of bones," probably from eating anything she could find.

Broccoli says itâ??s very dangerous and is a wait and see situation for Autumn right now. She says they hope Autumn will be able to pass the bones normally. They are keeping Autumn comfortable and safe.

The Stevens Swan Humane Society has received a number of phone calls about Autumn and they are inviting people to make donations of money, toys, or bedding to make her comfortable. They say Autumnâ??s medical care is costly and donations will help them give Autumn a better chance to survive. They also ask that supporters refrain from donating treats as Autumn can not enjoy them yet.

According to the Stevens Swan Humane Society Facebook page, Autumn was "up and alert this morning and was happy to see everyone."

The Stevens Swan Humane Society estimates that she is about 3 or 4-years-old a boxer mix. She weighs just 26 pounds when a boxer mix of her age should weigh about 60 pounds.

A group called Lainey's Army is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the neglect of the boxer. Kim Strong says the reward has increased from $1,200 to $1,500 as more people send in donations.

Northeastern Roofing and Asbestos, a company out of Utica, is also offering a reward. It's offering $300 for the information that leads to the arrest of the person responsible for neglecting this dog.

Autumn was found in the 500 block of Whitesboro Street, which is about five blocks from where Apollo was was left outside and found frozen to ice back in January of 2011.

Anyone who has information about the dog and her owner is asked to contact the Stevens Swan Humane Society at 738-4357 ext. 0.

Police do not know to whom the dog belongs.

Hundreds of people have been sounding off on Facebook about this latest case of animal cruelty. Many of them are calling for tougher laws.

Utica area Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi is co-sponsoring a bill that would remove animal cruelty offenses from the Agriculture and Markets Law and place them under the New York Penal Law. Such a move could make the crimes more serious and the punishment harsher. "The Ag and Markets laws are very outdated. They were written 100 years ago when pets were considered property but now our pets are considered family members. We need tougher laws."

Brindisi is also co-sponsoring a bill that would create a public registry of convicted animal abusers similar to the state's sex offender registry. That bill has already passed the State Senate but is stalled in the Assembly. Brindisi is urging his constituents and others to contact the state legislature and Governor Cuomo to put pressure on them to pass the legislation.