Embattled State Education Chief to hold public meetings afterall

Education Commissioner John King Jr.

State Education Commissioner John B. King and the Board of Regents will hold community forums to discuss the new Common Core Standards. This, after parents and teachers were calling for his resignation.

The embattled Education Commissioner originally scheduled forums across the state to discuss the new Common Core Curriculum, but canceled them after he was met with criticism and shouting at a meeting in Poughkeepsie.

It appears the Commissioner heard the people, and has scheduled 12 forums to take place in different sites across the state.

The forums will be moderated by state legislators and held in school auditoriums in those legislatorâ??s districts.

There will also be four televised forums at Public Broadcasting Stations, which will have a studio audience.

â??I want to have a respectful, direct, and constructive dialogue with parents,â?? King said. â??More and smaller discussions will make sure thereâ??s a real opportunity for parents to be heard. This is just the first round; weâ??ll continue to schedule forums for parents. We want these to be regular events. We want the conversation to rise above all the noise and make sure parents understand the Common Core, and, just as important, we want to understand parentsâ?? concerns. We all share the same goal: to make sure our students have the skills and knowledge to be successful in a changing world.â??

There are plans to hold forums at sites across the state, including Binghamton and Syracuse. Those will be scheduled next week, according to King.

The four PBS televised forums will be at WCNY in Syracuse on November 7, as well as Plattsburgh on November 20, Binghamton and Rochester. King says he has plans to schedule more PBS forums in the future.