Emerald Beetle: threat to NY's ash trees

A beetle that has destroyed more than 70 million ash trees in the midwest, has turned up in Western New York. The Emerald Ash Borer was discovered in a stand of trees near Jamestown.The beetle, which was brought to the U.S from Asia in 2002, destroys ash trees by laying its eggs inside the trees bark and cutting off the trees food supply. Melissa K. Fierke, assistant professor at SUNY-ESF, who specializes in the beetle, says the Emerald Ash Borer beetle is a threat to all of the states 900 million ash trees. "Here in Central New York, there is going to be an impact in urban areas because a lot of trees in our streets, and in our yards, are ash trees," she says. This is the first time the beetle has been found in New York State. Diane Carlton, Spokesperson for the DEC says New Yorkers can help slow the spread of the beetle by not moving firewood across the state. "Firewood is the main way these insects go from one geographic area to another" she says.