Emergency C-section performed at Fair's live calf birthing exhibit

The crowd inside the Calf Birthing Exhibit at The State Fair waited in tremendous heat for more than an hour and a half this afternoon for the outcome of an unusual birth.

Around 2:00 pm the dairy cow was in labor, when veterinarians noticed something was wrong. The birth canal did not feel right, and at first experts thought the cow might be delivering twins.

Minutes later the cow was given an epidural to relax her; however that did not make things better. The farmers and veterinarians who run the New York Animal Agriculture Coalition birthing center warned the crowd, which had grown to hundreds of people at the exhibit, and many more watching via webcams online, that a C-section was needed.

The cow, from Walnut Ridge Farm in Lansing, was prepped for the surgery in front of the crowd. The experts working to deliver the calf continued to take questions from the audience. Just before 3:30 pm, it was revealed the calf was deformed, and stillborn. There was an audible gasp among those who were watching. The announcer holding the microphone answering questions from the crowd was clearly shaken up. "Things do not always go as planned on the farm," the announcer said.

The veterinarians who performed the C-section were given a round of applause from the crowd that had gathered inside the birthing center. Telling the audience about the mother, â??There is no doubt this cow will have more babies, she will be fine," the announcer said. Later it was announced to the crows that the cow would be getting "personalized care" back at the farm, including good nutrition to bring her fully back to health.