Emergency generators and bottled water are hard to find in Central New York

Bottled water, D Batteries, flashlights and generators were hard to find in most Central New York stores on Monday. Jen Heaney went to the Wegmans store off John Glenn Blvd. In the morning to pick up a few emergency supplies but the supermarket was completely sold out of bottled war. Heaney said she would pick up some easy to prepare foods just in case her family had to go without power for a day or two. .

"I'm not trying to go overboard but just for a day or two. We have bread and fresh food," said Heaney.

Wegmans and other local stores are hoping to have more water delivered tomorrow but suppliers are seeing high demand from all across the northeast.

"All of our stores are in the northeast corridor so therefore it make sit very difficult to get those resources. We're trying to be fair in our distribution network and get as much to each store as possible," said Wegmans Director of Consumer Affairs Evelyn Carter.

Home Depot in Clay still had some flashlights, lantern fuel and cases of water on Monday morning but generators have been sold out since last Friday.

The storm was on Melissa Ipson's mind and she picked up some extra supplies at Target in Clay but she wasn't ready to completely surrender to Hurricane Sandy. Ipson said she would be careful but didn't want to panic her family.

"I'm not going to let it stop me from doing anything I can do. I'm going to take the kids trick or treating, I'm going to do my housework, and I'm going to keep on going," said Ipson.

Some stores will be able to stay open on generator power even if the electricity goes out. Evelyn Carter said Syracuse-area Wegmans stores near John Glenn Boulevard and on Taft Road will stay open through the storm.