Empire Brewing Company is the latest of 6 area restaurants to be featured on the Food Network

Food Network comes to Armory Square, again.


ix local restaurants have been featured on the hit food network show 'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.'

Empire Brewing Company in Armory Square is the latest to have their dive featured on the show Monday night. This only added another reason to head into the brew pub even if some haven't been there before.

Nicole Ladd says she hasn't been into the pub yet, but is looking forward to trying it.

"This is the first time. We actually go over here, but we're planning on going over there. We heard they have great customer service and great drinks, so we're planning on going to check it out," says Ladd.

Her friend Danielle McMurdy isn't a newcomer to Empire. "The people, the service, it's not too expensive so I like it," says McMurdy.

The series shot all six restaurants in the area within a one week period towards the end of August. They needed to bring in two separate camera crews. TV shows like this one have a tendency to affect business after the bright lights, flashy cameras and colorful hosts have all left town.

"We were closed totally for three days and they were here anywhere from 12 to 15 hours each day," says Butler. "The other local businesses who have been involved in the show, their business has definitely increased," says Tim Butler, the Brew master for Empire Brewing Company.

â??Diners, Drive-Ins, and Divesâ?? has featured Kitty Hoynes, Pastabilities, and Funk n' Waffles so far this season. Byblos Mediterranean Cafe, and Eva's European Sweets will be featured later this season.

Empire hasn't seen that cult like following that can come after the show airs. Regardless of whether they focus on the brewery, or a dish you can grab to eat, many people want to fee la part of the food network hit. Pastabilities had their episode air in December and they know exactly how this added attention and business.

Karyn Korteling owns Pastabilities, which was also featured on 'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.'

"People coming in with their cameras taking a photo of poster of his artwork up front wanting to meet me or having a picture of me in the restaurant," says Korteling.

Butler hopes the same can be said for Empire Brewing Company after his show runs tonight.